Getting Started

The Vpass Mobile App is a comprehensive AI-powered test that delivers rapid test results in less than 15 minutes, and lets you easily share results with those who need to know.


Vpass App enables you to record and share your disease screening result with your friend, families, and employer. It is a comprehensive AI-powered test and tracks app to support your disease testing and a total solution that goes beyond disease infection detection.
With Vpass, you can present proof that you were tested for disease using the Saliva Rapid Test kit.
Through the Vpass app, companies across all verticals can create a Vpass Safe Bubble for their premises and common public areas by using the Vpass solution to:
  • Facilitate disease self-testing every other day,
  • Have employees and visitors carry a negative Vpass certificate on the mobile phone and,
  • Verify disease status in real-time.

Download & Installs

Supported platforms: Android and iOS.
Supported device: Tablet, phone
Minimum requirements: Android 7.0 and above or iOS 10.0 and above
Installing Vpass Mobile App from application stores: Huawei, Apple, Google
Our application is on the application stores on respective platforms. Check your application stores in your mobile devices
You can now download the Vpass Mobile App through the links below:
Apple AppStore (iOS):
Google Play Store (Android):
Huawei App Gallery (Android):